Here at Roulez Athletics, we like to focus on the design services that we have found to be most sought after by our customers in order to make sure we can deliver the best quality work possible. That means that we don't do a pretty good job with a bunch of design services; it means we do an outstanding job with just a handful of design services.
Currently, we offer design services in the following areas:

  • Custom Apparel Design* - This includes walk-out shirts for MMA fighters, gym/academy/team shirts to sell to your students, hoodies, bags, hats, and practically anything you can screen print, sublimate, or embroider on to. But I'm not a fighter or gym owner!  No worries, we do outstanding apparel design for businesses outside of the combat sports community as well. 
  • Logo Design - Whether you need an update to an existing logo or a brand new logo, we've got you covered. We're outstanding at taking what you're looking for and creating a one-of-a-kind logo for you/your business that is eye-catching, modern, and professional. 
  • Social Media Advertising - Social media is THE place to attract and engage with customers in this day and age. Here at Roulez Athletics, we love to create outstanding and engaging graphics to help you promote and grow your business. In addition to the graphics you will need, we also offer advice and tutorials on how to most effectively use social media to promote and grow your business as well as help keep your customers coming back by engaging them in thoughtful discussions in public forum. (Note: We do NOT offer website building or design services at this time, but we are happy to refer you to someone we trust who is outstanding at it!)
  • Print Media** - Print media is a limited area for us simply because print media encompasses many different products that we simply can't specialize in all of them; however, we are pretty outstanding at creating stickers, business cards, and flyers & posters. 

* Because we like to specialize in just a few things, we do not do our own screen printing, sublimation, or embroidery at this time. Our homies over at Screen Printing Lodge in Norco, LA are experts in screen printing and we like to use them for all of our screen printing needs because screen printing is their passion and they guarantee to beat anyone else's price and quality. Any quote you get from us for merchandise includes our design fee as well as screen printing costs. Shipping can be added in if necessary.

NOTE: Because merchandise design is a service offered through Roulez Athletics and not through our individual designers, our logo is put on ALL of our designs meant for sellable merchandise. If you would like your design without our logo, there is a non-negotiable $100 fee for us to not add the logo in. If you DO NOT pay this fee, the logo WILL be there, and if you have someone other than our printers print the design onto any merchandise WITHOUT our logo, legal action WILL be taken! NO EXCEPTIONS.

** We currently outsource all of our print media to local print shops in New Orleans. All quotes from us include design fees and printing costs, but you're always welcome to use a print shop that is local to you if you don't live in NOLA or don't want to pay shipping costs.

*** If you chose not to use the companies we source for printing needs, we cannot guarantee quality of work after design files are handed over. All of our apparel/merchandise files are created in Adobe Illustrator CS6 OR Adobe Photoshop CS6. We can export to .pdf, .tiff, .png, and .eps in addition to the standard .ai and .psd file types. We charge hourly rates for any designs needing alterations or revisions for printing for shops other than Screen Printing Lodge.